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The mistakes of Degea should not be too

Degea became the background of Cristiano Ronaldo several times tonight

Costa scored a goal is invalid!

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Why? Just one day before the World Cup start, coach Rope Terjeo was fired by the Spanish Football Association due to private contact with Real Madrid and publicly announced the coaching of Real Madrid next season. When the news came out, it was all over the world: Does Spain not want to play? Pro switch, must not be confused? ! Judging from the competitions in Spain and Portugal, the Bullfighting Corps seems to have not been affected by the coaching changes. Holding the ball, passing the ball, attacking, defending ... or the familiar Spanish team. Although this is the "fire manager" Hierro's debut, but in the formation, there is not much mistake. Instead Nacho's appearance, people see Jeremy's courage. In the right-back position, Carvajal was previously injured and it is difficult to guarantee the state. Adrioso Sola is a newcomer to the national team and is starting to take risks. Aspirí Quieta, who is capable of this position, but Hierro chose Nacho, considering Nacho's familiarity with Ronaldo's style. From this point, it was an unexpected surprise to arrange Nacho to be the right back. Reasonable choice. The course of the game was full of twists and turns. Ronaldo's personal ability is outstanding, but throughout the game, Spain has always had the initiative on the court. Diego Costa scored twice, Nacho's brilliant volley and made the fans enjoyable. More important than scoring, is the stable state that Spain has shown. Especially in the midfield, Iniesta, Isco, and David Silva have enough ball-handling ability to ensure that Spain can always control the ball in their own hands. The double lower backs of Cork and Busquets provided a strong barrier for Spain. Busquets and Cristiano Ronaldo fought several times to cut Portugal's passing direction to some extent. In fact, after losing a ball first, the game entered the rhythm of Spain. Compared with delicate Portugal, the Spanish team is more delicate, and the small-scale transfer control is seamless. They made smooth offensives in the frontcourt several times, but they couldn't break through the middle of the Portuguese team. After equalizing the score, the Spanish team played more calmly. In the 35th minute of the first half, the Spanish team played a series of beautiful matches. Iniesta's left footed shot in the restricted area was slightly wide. Portugal's top star Cristiano Ronaldo is very dissatisfied with the performance of the team. He yelled at his teammates in the frontcourt in an attempt to boost the team's morale. Spain's repression on offense made Ronaldo unable to control his emotions.